We are currently in the middle of a seismic shift in how we approach art and what we take away from it.

Should we abandon traditional ways of learning about art? And if we do, should we rush to embrace new fads that leave us yearning for answers? What if there is a middle ground? 


Matt is a lecturer, museum educator, curator, and consultant who believes in putting the participant first, making art-related experiences more inclusive and diverse in give-and-take participatory environments. He has given hundreds of lectures on the history of art; has taught in university settings for twenty years; held full-time museum positions as both a Lecturer and Curator; and regularly lectures about art at museums and organizations worldwide. One of his primary goals is to use art in unexpected ways, including for teaching best practices in business, medical, and other non-traditional genres. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the History of Art.


Matt is currently working on the book manuscript Lessons for My Sons, dedicated to his twin sons Fox Henry and Foster Wesley, which uses art to impart key lessons about life, creativity, and wellness. He enjoys renovating, traveling, and building sandcastles with his boys.