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Selected reviews:



Thank you so much, Matt! I think you are brilliant and also a wonderful man. (Eliska, San Francisco, CA; FRED at SFMOMA)

It was really great to have you at the Cantor... We are truly grateful and hope we can have you again in the future to gain more of your wisdom and experiences in the galleries. (Kwong-Mi, Stanford, CA; Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University)

I am so embarrassed that you have thanked me before I could reach out to you! I loved this afternoon, I really think you are one of the best educators I have ever experienced - and, as you can imagine, I've seen quite a few. (Mark, London, UK; City Lit)

Thank you again for taking the time to speak with our group! I truly enjoyed our conversation and your presentation. Let me know if you come back to speak at Perelman or hold another arts/medicine talk in the vicinity sometime in the future. I'll stay in touch! (Elizabeth, Philadelphia, PA; University of Pennsylvania) 

As you know, our senior leaders recently attended a session at PMA as  part of our executive leadership program with Wharton. Our partnership with Wharton has been excellent and the overall program has been a huge success, however the session at the PMA  was a high risk one for us; our leaders like their learning very business focused and specific to Lubrizol so when they saw their program for the week included a session on ‘innovation’ at the museum, the majority were sceptical and some openly questioned the need for this prior to attending. As you were the curator who led the museum session, I specifically asked Johnathan for your contact details as I wanted to personally pass on the feedback I received from the participants. During my 1:1 reviews with the participants, it was clear that this session was an overwhelming success and all the participants referenced the session, describing how much they had enjoyed it and  how much they had learned. A significant number of them specifically mentioned you and the impact your approach had them; they loved your passion, your knowledge and your ability to relate to them and engage them in art in a way that they had never considered before. I not only wanted to thank you for giving them a great experience, I also wanted to thank you for showing them that learning (and innovation) can be fun, challenging and most importantly, does not always need to be connected with Lubrizol. We hope to run this program again in 2015 and you can be sure that I will specifically request that the session at the PMA is included and that you are our host/curator for the session. Thank you once again for delivering such a memorable session. (Debbie, Derbyshire, UK; The Lubrizol Corporation: Specialty Chemicals)


I hope you made it home safe last week. Just wanted to let you know that the walkthrough in the Stedelijk Museum and our sessions in our offices have been extremely well received by the team. I am actually surprised how many people are telling me that it inspired them to look at tasks differently then they usually do. While I expected that from the creative group also from quite a few people from the big group (which did not interact so much after your presentation) I get this feedback. Even during meetings. Thanks again for making it all the way to Amsterdam – I hope these days were also inspiring for you. (Christopher, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Calvin Klein/Tommy Hilfiger Europe)

Loved the class. I stand in awe of Matt's ability to keep the audience engaged and interested for six hours. This is my third Saturday with Matt and I look forward to more. (JCNMD, Philadelphia, PA; The Barnes Foundation)

Back from a stimulating and wonderful trip, with nothing more so than the quality time spent with you. Best wishes for maximum success as you move beyond Traviata and progress toward Aida and Falstaff. (Alan, Arlington, VA; Road Scholar)

Our instructor, Matt, was a skilled professional art historian with superb credentials. (Geraldine, Ossining, NY; Road Scholar)​


Thanks a ton, Matt! It was a pleasure working with you - and I look forward to doing it again soon... On a separate note, you have inspired me to pursue my passion sooner than originally planned. Thank you for that! (Danny, Chicago, IL; United Airlines)

I need to thank YOU rather than you thanking me.. Six hours of pure, amazing education.  How lucky I am to be able to enjoy your brilliance. 
What a great day.  My last comment on the evaluation which you will not see was, “bring him back over and over.”
(Myrna, Naples, FL; The Barnes Foundation)



Thank you. Your tours add so much to the programs. Love our partnership. (Jerry, Philadelphia, PA; The Wharton School)


Thank you so much for making the effort to come all the way to Hong Kong to "teach" for my team. This was an incredibly special day...I am so sorry I didn't get to say goodbye tonight, but that is fine because I am sure we will see each other again. (Elizabeth, Hong Kong, China; PVH Asia)

Standing ovation. Thank you again for the great performances. All groups super happy and only positive feedbacks. I also gained a lot of points with my team!!!​ (Alessandro, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Calvin Klein/Tommy Hilfiger Europe)

It was a pleasure to be your "students," and it was wonderful to get to know you. We would travel with you anywhere - unless our money runs out. You are brilliant! (Anonymous, Alexandria, VA; Road Scholar)




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